Martin Pierret

Editor – Assistant Editor


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I’m Martin Pierret, an Editor and Assistant Editor based in Paris.

After achieving an Advance Technician Certificate specialised in Editing and Post-Production, I spent two years working in the industry in France gaining experience through a variety of projects and roles. I made the decision to cross the channel and migrate to the United Kingdom in order to do a four month placement with On Par Productions in Cardiff, taking on a multi-faceted role as a video editor and motion graphics designer. After this placement, I started freelance as a video Editor. I had the opportunity to work with different artist (Musician, Choreograph, Director…), in different project as documentary, music video…

In 2017, I went to Paris to work as an editor and assistant editor. Through my experience working in the Video industry I have developed a keen passion for post-production; in particular editing. I have found that my true interest lies in taking ideas and being able to execute them by building the story and realising the director’s vision. In my work I enjoy combining music with animation that utilises strong lines and colours. Incorporating my interest in visual arts and sound into different projects to create a dynamic product.

I’m always looking to discuss and collaborate with new people so please feel free to contact me!

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